Momos on Wheels

“ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

A simple Indian lady who was at the crest of her career as a financial adviser with a multinational financial company, wanted to change the overall look, concept and culture of street food of her nation. Her efforts brought in revolutionary changes in the quality of street foods and radically changed the culture of eating on the streets of India. “ We Indians, irrespective of where we are living, spend a major portion of our daily life on the streets out on either work or pleasure. We often eat out on the streets and we are in need of good, tasty and healthy food to keep the nation going,” says Mrs Tashi Doma Bhutia, the brain behind MOMOS ON WHEELS—one of the most popular street food chains in India.

It took five long years of meticulous research and planning to launch her street food chain at Siliguri a small town in Darjeeling district in West Bengal on October, 2014. At the beginning, her food chain was serving only one dish MOMO and the stalls were on rickshaw carts. She named her food chain as ‘MOMOS ON WHEELS’.
MOMO or DIMSUM or DUMPLINGS is a Mongolian delicacy and a main course food. Though there are no proven history regarding where from this dish actually came, there are a whole lot of people including the Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan claims the credit and pride for the creation of this healthy and tasty food. MOMO is a very healthy food as it is steamed. This food is very popular among people in the entire Himalayan region. In every nook and corner of this region it is available but in most places the food is served in very unhealthy and unhygienic way until MOMOS ON WHEELS hit the road.
MOMOS ON WHEELS serves authentic MOMO in a very hygienic and stylish manner. MOMOS ON WHEELS is served in bio-disposable plates and carry away packages, which not only became instantly popular among its patrons but also were accepted by the buyers as a benchmark. MOMOS ON WHEELS, in fact, revolutionized street food culture in Siliguri city raising the standards and the manner of street food.
From day one MOMOS ON WHEELS was accepted by people for its great and authentic taste, healthy and hygienic style of serving and became a household name. MOMOS ON WHEELS not only feeds the hungry people on roads and transit but also supports a section of the society to earn their livelihood. This project has become a beacon light, an incentive to live and a cause to look forward to life to at least two dozen people, men and women, who were just the other day only inches away from death.
In MOMOS ON WHEELS team a female member barely in her early thirties, who has found a new meaning of life. She was abandoned by her beastly husband with a child and was given just Rs300 ($5) to fend and feed her child. She had two options if she wanted to escape from the situation she suddenly found herself into. She could have killed herself and her child or taken to prostitution.
MOMOS ON WHEELS literally took her home and gave back her life and dignity. Today she earns enough to have her own shelter, afford a decent education for her child and she now lives with pride. A young boy, barely of 18, could have become a criminal or an anti-social had he not been taken into refuge by MOMOS ON WHEELS. When he joined the team he was absolutely penniless and hungry. Today, after only a few months of being with MOMOS ON WHEELS this boy is now earning enough to afford a critical eye surgery of his octogenarian mother and started his education again.
MOMOS ON WHEELS also has taken many initiatives for poor and under privilege people, specially orphans and educated unemployed youths.MOMOS ON WHEELS give professional training to unskilled people and give them proper job opportunity with the professionally managed organization. This organization also helps under privileged youths who want to continue their education by sponsoring there studies.
In this short span of time MOMOS ON WHEELS sponsors education of a Siliguri based female orphanage ‘North Bengal Anath Asram’. This organization also helps female residents of the orphanage to increase their professional skills by giving them vocational training like cooking and selling.
Within this short span of time MOMOS ON WHEELS has more than 200 active followers in facebook. In December of the same year the local civic authority has felicitate the project in a programme.